Not Your Cousin, Vinny . . .

Dated: February 21 2024

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Not your cousin, Vinny . . .

I am different from you! I am not a relative (probably) who happens to have a real estate license and dabbles in the industry. I am not a part-time player who wants a title to call myself at gatherings. I am a full-time professional. My knowledge, experience, and dedication make me the perfect person to trust with your real estate investment.

In 2015, my husband and I selected to open a RE/MAX franchise brokerage because we wanted to associate ourselves with the brand that is most recognized and relied upon in our industry. Integrity and purpose are priorities for us. We felt that RE/MAX supports us in that endeavor. RE/MAX Lighthouse was established as a beacon for our clients and agents in the sea of change that people face when moving from one place to another, from one season of life to another. Imagine having a life preserver and an unmovable destination when it feels like the waves are overwhelming you. That is RE/MAX. That is me.

There is so much to manage in everyday life. Especially so in moments of change. I value the wonderful people who have invested the time and energy to learn their professional careers: doctors, attorneys, mechanics, builders, etc. Each one of these experts is someone that I depend on when the waves of change hit my life. I have specialized in real estate. You can be confident in me when it is time to protect your interests while making a move.

Now that you know some about me, let's continue our conversation! You can follow this blog to continue to learn about the real estate professional that I am. I would love to get to know you! That can only happen when you register with my website (I can see which types of properties you prefer) or when you directly contact me for a coffee date. I'll buy! Even if you do not need my services today, let's get to know each other. As unrelated as we may be, I will be there for you.


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Donna Lively

Why do I work in the real estate business? What a question! I enjoy "Helping to bring the right people to the right place at the right time". (My motto). I find that real estate is about change and c....

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Not Your Cousin, Vinny . . .

Not your cousin, Vinny . . .I am different from you! I am not a relative (probably) who happens to have a real estate license and dabbles in the industry. I am not a part-time player who wants

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