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Petoskey, the "Key" to the North

About Donna Lively

Why do I work in the real estate business? What a question! I enjoy "Helping to bring the right people to the right place at the right time". (My motto). I find that real estate is about change and change, no matter how welcome and desired, can be tough. If I can help others through the necessary real estate changes to progress in their goals and dreams, then I have done my job.

Latest Blog Posts

The only sure things in life are . . .

Taxes. We are going to talk about taxes, not the other thing.  Specifically, let's investigate how property taxes are determined. I will be drawing insight from the wonderful Bear Creek

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Designation, Certification, Amplification! Say what?

Well, now. I have letters attached to my professional name. No, I am not a Real Estate Ph.D. Technically. In the world of real estate, as in most professions, the letters attached to someone's name

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Not Your Cousin, Vinny . . .

Not your cousin, Vinny . . .I am different from you! I am not a relative (probably) who happens to have a real estate license and dabbles in the industry. I am not a part-time player who wants

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Growing into the Right Work Space

Growing your business is difficult but satisfying work. Having the right space to support your efforts is crucial. It is the first thing that your clients experience and sets the tone

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